Digital Services and Products


Digital products and services development

We offer full stack solutions and consultancy services focused on open source and standard technologies and standar technologies, based in Madrid. We have a 10+ years experience working in web tecnologies for companies.

We like to create good software products based on good design principles and heavy testing. As an example we have created Picplus SaaS Platform, a project financed  by Google thought The DNI Innovation Fund, focused in create  great services for the Internet media players.


Consul Open Government and E-Participation platform

Our expertise customizing and  implanting Consul comes from the work that we have done with  Participa Getafe and Toledo Participa both are adapted and maintained by  Strings.

We install and maintain Consul into organizations doing custom services integrations into custom environments.


Tech stack

Our solution proposals are stack agnostic working with almost any Open Source technology, but when we can choose we use our prefered stask: Centos + Postgres + Rails + Ember  stack.

Ruby on Rails

We use Rails as main framework to create serves side solutions. Fast ans scalable software build on top of great technologies as Centos Linux, Postgresql and Nginx. Examples of our work is our product Könta ERP.


Frontend is key part of any good product, in that way we user Ember as framework. Using this technology we have created 800.000 (2016 Data Global Awards nominated) in collaboration with 93Metros.

Android and iOS App

Phone apps are big part of current scenario. We build native and hibrid solutions for Android and iOS as Bilbao Económico in collaboration with Digital5 S.L.

Can we help you?

You can contact us via email at or by phone (+34) 91 216 15 10.